Terms and Conditions
You agree to:
  1. Register your own name and not as somebody else, a proxy or an alias
  2. If you are a parent, that your child or children will abide with the club's T&Cs
  3. Not being selected to play if you haven’t paid your subscription by 31st October and to pay an increased subscription if you then want to play after 31st October
  4. Paying match fees on time and in full
  5. Arrive at the arranged meet time and place punctually for both home and away games
  6. Call your captain as soon as possible should you suddenly become unavailable
  7. Show respect for all players, coaches, umpires and officials both on and off the pitch by controlling your language, actions, and opinions at all times
  8. Play to win but be a sporting loser should the occasion arise
  9. Show respect for our neighbours who share the sports facilities – toilets are located in the clubhouse or changing rooms
  10. Take your turn in umpiring and helping at training where you can
  11. Support social events by attending and paying for them on time
  12. Support other Henley teams
  13. Go training if you can
  14. Wear standard Henley playing kit for matches, available at the club’s kit supplier
  15. Keep your personal details up to date on the website
  16. Give feedback to the captains and the Committee
  17. Accept that Henley HC does not provide personal accident insurance and to consider arranging your own cover
  18. Abide by club rules and regulations and the England Hockey "Respect" code of ethics and behaviour (see here)